Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad

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An American Werewolf In London slated to get The Walking Dead treatment in big screen reboot

Ace, Available: Hardcover and multiformat digital. Just as Lord of the Rings established a plethora of fantasy standards Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series has left its mark on urban fantasy. In this sixth book of the series, Mercy has made her commitment to the local werewolf alpha, Adam. In fact, after a surprise wedding like a surprise birthday party , Adam whisks Mercy off on a ten day camping trip in a plush trailer lent to them by the fae. Since the fae never give anything for free, both Mercy and Adam are suspicious, but determined not to let that ruin their alone time.

Then a river monster, an ancient Native American cannibal, rises and claims Mercy as its own. Briggs is excellent at drawing in both readers and multicultural magical elements. In this story she isolates Adam and Mercy from their pack, and sets them up against what might as well be a god. Briggs reminds readers that they don't need European vampires and Nordic werewolves for intrigue and adventure: America has plenty of secrets all its own.

This series is very popular, for good reason.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #3

It strikes a perfect balance between urban fantasy elements—romance, mystery, horror and magic. It is led by strong, but not perfect characters whose power might set them apart with a less talented literary hand. Instead Briggs keeps them human, valiant, noble, challenged and even light-hearted.

Readers looking to try out urban fantasy would do well to start here, and a librarian on a tight budget will most likely see this series gives a high interest value for the money. Contains: violence, language, sexual situations. Wild by Naomi Clark. KDP, Available: Kindle ebook. Lizzie is an addict in an abusive relationship. Abandoned on the street after a fight and attacked, she's now a werewolf too. Wild is at heart a tale of redemption and the crippling effect abuse has on a person.

It's also a tale of werewolves on the cusp of exposure, fighting not to be defined by the worst and most stereotypical among them.

vampires and werewolves

So it's not surprising that this book has yet to really connect with its audience. Collins' Sonja Blue books. While the popularity of urban fantasy has, in many ways, led to the solidification and some might say stagnation of the genre, it's books like these with a somewhat different tempo, but excellent story lines and writing, that fall through the cracks.

Wild is a fantastic book, dark in ways that are somewhat uncomfortable, but ultimately hopeful. Lizzie's struggle with addiction and self esteem makes it a book that will connect with readers unexpectedly and an excellent addition to public collections. Contains: drug use, sex, violence, language. Review by Michele Lee. Pocket, Mo is a woman so desperate to escape her overwhelming hippie mother that she moves all the way to Alaska. She ends up in the tiny town of Grundy, where bears and elk roam, where the whole town it seems is looking for a wife, and where her neighbor just happens to be a werewolf.

Cooper has a number of secrets of his own, including his lust for the pretty new outsider. Before Mo and Cooper can get together Cooper has to face up to his past, both emotionally and literally.

By the Light of the Moon

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf is a fun book, driven by a lead that's enchanting, hilarious and stubbornly charming. There's enough mystery and danger to keep things exciting, but this book shouldn't be confused with a horror novel or even an urban fantasy. Fun all the way through, How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf hooks its claws in early and drags readers along for an off-beat, wilderness-spiked ride. It's a highly recommended and quite enjoyable addition to public and paranormal-loving private collections. Contains: violence, explicit sex. Dog World by Jason McKinney.

CreateSpace , Availability: New.

The terror responsible for this coming apocalypse is the werewolf. Werewolves evolved in the Dark Ages and for the most part stayed under the radar…. Not all of the werewolf population feels this way, though. There are quite a few werewolves who respect the humans and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

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Together, the humans and human-friendly werewolves will battle to the death to protect the world. The first waves of the werewolf take-over begin in Iraq with the military. Right away the action takes off. During the fighting there is a lot of military jargon. This is to be expected in a book featuring military personnel as the main characters, but as someone who is not that familiar with the military, I got bogged down trying to figure out the terms.

I thought this took away from some of the action. This was disappointing and threw off the timing of the combat scenes as well as dialogue between the characters. I really felt if the book had some hardcore editing done to it, the story would have tightened up and been way more enjoyable.

There is hope.

  • Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader.
  • Galactic North (GollanczF.).
  • The Treasures of Shamarkand - Wanderers to Shamarkand.
  • Shepherd of Lonely Sheep in Europe Revised edition.;
  • The Tear of Gramal (Worlds of the Crystal Moon, Book 3)!
  • The Lost Language of Symbolism (Dover Occult).
  • How to Tame a Defiant Child;
  • The werewolves and their plans for world domination are just beginning and McKinney left room at the end for a sequel. With a lot of editing and proofreading I believe the author could create a sequel that would showcase his talents and be an asset in the werewolf genre. Not recommended. Contains: graphic gory violence and extreme sexual situations. Review by Brandi Blankenship. The Taming of the Werewolf by Sylvia Shults. Dark Continents Publishing, Available: New paperback and multiformat ebook.

    Rather, he took already existing stories and then retold them in such a way that they have endured through the ages. For those of you not quite remembering the plot, Katharina is the eldest daughter of a rich gentleman who is required to be wed before her younger sister, Bianca can marry. Finally, a man named Petruchio presents himself and proceeds to tame Katharina through atypical, often cruel means, eventually resulting in a docile wife and a triumphant suitor.

    The author weaves this explanation seamlessly into the existing story, and her writing ability carries us through to an ending that suggests more of a marriage among equals, which will resonate better with modern readers. I admire her rendition of the main plot. However, the lack of subplots leaves the overall work a bit wanting. Not having these tangents in Taming of the Werewolf at best leaves the novel used up too quickly, at worst creates some noticeable holes in the plot. The most glaring example of this is how Petruchio recognized Vincentio, the father of one of the callers, on a road.

    Not only had he never met the father in this retelling—he never met the son, either!

    Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Brave Moon by Fannie Tucker

    If only Shults had spent a little more time further developing the story…but alas. Contains: brief sex scene. Reviewed by: W. Battletree Books, Entitled "A Story of a Weir-Wolf", it was originally published in Set in the Middle Ages, it is a finely woven tapestry of intrigue, betrayal, love and tragedy. I would also highly recommend it as an addition to the personal library of anyone who enjoys reading classic literature.

    Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad
    Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad
    Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad
    Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad
    Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad
    Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad
    Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Blue Moon Squad

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