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1. Slick Rick – Teenage Love (1988)

Not to mention, for many women, he is consistently referred to as their MCM. Although we constantly hear about his role as a rapper, an actor, and now an author , it's not every day that we get to hear about what is likely his most significant role -- a father.

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Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity thanks to my loving husband to attend an up-close-and-personal, intimate conversation with Common, who was interviewed by the infamous DJ Drama. Common was very transparent and forthcoming about his journey and experiences with hip-hop, his courage to go to therapy , his latest book and projects, and even his love life.

Chance The Rapper discussed fame, mortality, and Kanye West with Zane Lowe.

He even shared snippets from some of his tracks off his upcoming album Let Love Have the Last Word Sidenote: I was instantly hooked to every track he played. I can't wait!

The entire interview was so captivating, but there was a moment that almost moved me to tears. Common shared one of his new songs titled "Show Me That You Love" which evokes the sentiments of a father-daughter healing session.

More Than A Rapper, Common Reminds Us Why A Father's Love Is So Important

The song recalls a revealing and heart-wrenching conversation between Common and his beautiful daughter. As Common explained, it was actually inspired by a late-night call that he received from his daughter. Initially, he thought she was calling to tell him how "cool" of a dad he was, but he quickly realized that was not the case. That discussion, the snippet we listened to, revealed some honest, unexpected, and transparent truths. I can't imagine how difficult it must've been for Common to hear the opposite of what he thought he was going to hear.

Nevertheless, I know all too well from experience how much more difficult it likely was for his daughter to express herself to her father. In his mind, Common thought he did everything he could to show her that he loved her.

However, his daughter felt differently, and at times, she questioned if he really cared. In so many words, Common admitted that as she released her painful and sad reality, he too had to release the pride within himself. Recently, my biological father a term I use very loosely , for the first time in his life, actually admitted that he wasn't the best dad he could've been…by a longshot. Even though that particular conversation didn't change the reality of our distant relationship, it was at least comforting to hear him thirty plus years later own up to the fact that he wasn't the father I needed him to be.

Through a lengthy back and forth text exchange, I realized his childhood experiences and family dynamics directly impacted his ability, and unwillingness, to be a father. Of course, this is not to compare my dad to Common in any way because it's obvious that Common and his daughter share something that my father and I don't -- a beautiful, genuine, transparent, and loving relationship. I can easily count on one hand the number of times I've actually seen my father. I may not know everything about Common, but I know one thing's for certain -- he was way more active and he put forth a lot more effort than my so-called dad.

Yet and still, this song really resonated with me because of Common's willingness to take responsibility for his actions. At one point, the lyrics gave us insight into how his daughter must've felt and how hurtful it was when she saw him with another woman's child. I can say, from experience, that it's never easy when you're yearning for the love and attention from your father; only to see him providing that same love and attention to someone else's child. Nonetheless, Common didn't allow his ego or his pride to overshadow or excuse the emotional truth of the situation.

This wasn't just another review or a fan providing commentary about one of his latest projects; rather, this was an emotional outpour from his offspring - the daughter whom he admires and loves with all his heart. But his broad success really owes to his artistic sensibility: upbeat, accessible, humane, smart, and often fun for the whole family. Rather, The Big Day calls to mind a toy chest or a carnival midway, jumbled with shiny, diverse amusements.

The music, whether acoustic folk or Chicago footwork, throws off warmth but rarely scalds. The hint of salesmanship is too strong. He married his childhood sweetheart, the mother of his child, earlier this year, and from its title to its interstitial skits, The Big Day celebrates romance, monogamy, and family.

Premiere: London Rapper KJ Unveils Debut Single "Love Yourself" - Elicit Magazine

Chance is right that pop often glamorizes hookups, but the truth is that the superstar tier has been downright domestic lately. Even Drake is easing into his role as a dad. Any good pitch for tying the knot should reckon with that economic reality.

Loving A Rapper
Loving A Rapper
Loving A Rapper
Loving A Rapper
Loving A Rapper
Loving A Rapper

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