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1st makers4humanity Lab, 2.-5.6.2017

We are pleased to announce that the shortlisted and winning Portrait of Humanity photographers have been selected.

Prizes and Judges

Prizes and Judges We are inviting photographers of any level, to show us the world through their eyes, to capture the many faces of humanity, and to document the universal expressions of life; laughter, courage, moments of reflection, journeys to work, first hellos, last goodbyes, and everything in between. Prizes and Judges. Get Involved Our aim is to create one of the greatest collaborative photography exhibitions in history. Discover how you can get involved.

Humanity+ — What We Do

Founded on the principles of participatory democracy and tactical urbanism, this interactive experience lets players co-design a neighborhood to show that we all have a voice in shaping our communities. Ways to School is an interactive VR series documenting the struggles of children around the world whose daily journeys to school are long and arduous.

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Humanity Journal

Owen Harris, Niki Smit, and Dr. Isabela Granic. Finding Alice. Learn more On Facebook. We are able to sponsor a visa for applicants who do not have the right to […].

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  • Murder Tales: The Granny Killers.
  • HUMANITY - votre nouvelle chaîne de documentaires à la demande.
  • 1st makers4humanity Lab, 2.-5.6.2017.
  • Applications are invited for a website and media outreach manager. The duties of this post are expected to evolve and change in response to the rapid advance of software technology, and the demands of the user population.

    The […]. As FHI grows in […].

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    FHI and DeepMind are co-hosting monthly seminars aimed at deepening collaboration between their AI safety researchers. FHI investigates what we can do now to ensure a long flourishing future.

    Heroes - Restoring Faith in Humanity - 2017

    Featured research. Go to publications. Read more.

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