How To Become A Modern Guru

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On one hand, we are to question the integrity. If what one is communicating is not what is being lived, why are we listening to it? This leads to the next important point is that the energy behind the words is not integrated, thus it is weak, with little potency to transform. It is why so many have spoken of some of the power of the silent grace in which transmitted from the greatest sages that have walked.

Ramana Maharshi for instance, who has maybe influenced the most teachers than any other in our modern times. Mostly, through his silent transmission and supremely simple method of self-inquiry.

Don’t aspire to be a Guru, aspire to Be More!

Now, without the calibration system, one can still naturally intuit the level of a master by means of this deep rooted energy transfer. Of course, many novice seekers, will not be able to tell the difference, and they are generally the ones who many end up following one who is not truly there, while of course still receiving benefit. I am not trying to say that ONLY those at LOC are useful or only to be listened to, though naturally on my journey I only wanted to find the best. I did not understand this until later, though it stuck with me. In this case, the master, who will completely destroy all falsehood and guide you back to your SELF.

The INFINITE Transmission & The Rapid Acceleration of realizing the ONE.

The relationship with the SATguru or Master is the supreme relationship. In essence, this relationship is the pinnacle representation of unconditional love in relative form. To be capable of loving many others in many forms, one must love themselves first. The self in which is being spoken of course is not the physical person. It is the very source in which interconnects all people, all beings.

This self can be directly intuited when in the presence of one who is realized. As one moves through their journey, they become more and more able to subtly listen to this intuitional heart pull. At times one will progressively move through various teachers until they do find this one who can provide the direct experience of grace.

Other times, it may be the first master they ever connect with which is this very conduit. The typical reason for the long term relationship and devotion to the guru is so the qualities of this supreme relationship can be cultivated and completely known. In past times, the long term connection was required for this, though in modern times this is being transcended.

Really, the only thing required is for one to experience the direct unconditional love in which comes by way of humbling opening oneself to the Guru. This can happen instantly upon meeting, this can also happen by way of one just intending on connecting with the person, deity or object in which represents the essence of the Guru to you. This, in essence is a form of devotional prayer in which most religions are built upon. This love transcends what most view or understand as love, it is true unconditional love in which burns through all ignorance, all falsehood.

As mentioned previously, Satgurunath who was my first Initiation master had a powerful shaktipat. This is quite exclusively what he spoke about most of the time. For good reason, it was powerfully transformative. As I was clearly understanding this process through the support of Ramaji and his specific Transmission.

It was clearly seen throughout the lineup of Sages who were represented in this Absolute State of the Similar nature in their core offering, which was this direct Transmission of grace. Sometimes the transmission has different qualities of feelings to them in a sense.

Although it is all still pure, in the relative experience it is still felt differently. Some more peaceful, some more loving, some more blissful. As I received the grace of the transmission of Ramaji who has a specific type of transmission called RASA , one could say that it was me who had to be willing, open, humble and ready for this final purification. This is correct. If I had not done the work in this lifetime and many past, it would have not been possible. It is my very own self in which I am realizing, coming in contact with and abiding in.

When one is in direct contact with the Absolute Self, no Ideas are able to be held about anything. They know nothing, there is nothing to know. One is completely empty, yet full of this transmission simultaneously. It is the only way the transmission could be completely effective, is if one is completely emptied of everything they hold dear. In my experience, words become less and less of importance. Only the silent transmission of Grace can do this. As the mind is quiet enough to be willing to only desire this, it is then in which the transmission is received in its totality from the ONE masters Grace.

When we look at all Great masters of our time and past, it has always happened in this way, whether by physical masters presence or not. Within the New Age culture there is a consistent theme of the topic that the Age of the GUru is over. This comes from various elements but most predominantly the rise of the Divine Feminine in which does not view enlightenment from such a linear, rigid perspective. From a balanced perspective, the Guru will never not be relevant. The masters only duty is simply to BE themselves.

How to Become Available to Grace? Sadhguru

This may come in the form of teaching, transmitting grace or any other thing any normal person would be involved in. Just by them existing deep healing, transformation and healing is occurring. For one truly at LOC their only desire is this.

Ethics and The Modern Guru

Creating, playing, expressing evolving. One may have certainly received a transmission in which transformed them and brought them to a higher state or LOC by one who is not in LOC — in essence, anyone who is in a deeper state of non-duality that the receiver has the potential to do this. This is the beauty of the collective awakening. A mass movement of all beings who are moving through their ascension process in their own time, at their own pace. By way of this, students are matched with teachers and social circles who are suitable for ones path at certain points.

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In a sense this is what is prevalently occuring within the revolution of life coaches, health coaches, wellness experts, spirituali teachers, healers, etc. There is a mass movement of coaches coaching coaches — almost like a Multi Level Network pattern. This In my view is the direct representation of what is being spoken here.

We generally learn, level up, or realize something new through the energy of those who are looking to for the teaching or transmission. Though just because this is what is happening within the intellect, does not mean actual transformation is occurring. It is for this reason in which it may be confusing or difficult for a seeker who may believe they are getting closer through a teacher who has many great tantalizing words, quotes etc, but yet cannot deliver the experience.

It is not to say one will not arrive, if one continues to rely on ones deep inner wisdom, devotion to the ONE source and continual self-inquiry to the very self in which they are. As of course, this is all that would ever be required anyways. In this Evolution I see the nature of these transformational Transmission experiences to come fourth in a rapid acceleration. As all ceremonies were designed for in previous times, I believe that the rise of ceremony and ritual culture in our modern world will provide the environment and landscape for celebrations of this Transmission of the ONE in its purest form.

It is my intention for this to be my primary means of delivering grace, by embracing and recognizing the silence within, which then manifests in the infinite creative expression — in this case music, dance, movement, connection, liberation. It is true. You are your own Guru. Of course, this YOU we are pointing to, is that in which is the background to the YOU in which you may be identifying with as the plethora of changing thoughts, feelings, sensations, identities and beliefs.

This Inner Guru is what is awakened by being in the presence of another who has opened up to the channel of I AM to flow through them. Descartes was considered the father of Modern Philosophy. He rationalized and defined the precepts of what can be considered true. Read Plato. It is arguable which of Plato's dialogs are most important, and after you have read Russell or Durant you'll have an idea which ones you want to read.

Yet any such list must include Euthyphro , Apology of Socrates and Crito. It is hard to find an idea in philosophy that is not traceable back to Plato. As such, you do yourself a disservice to not start your readings with the father of philosophy. Similarly, you should not neglect his greatest pupil, Aristotle, whose Nicomachean Ethics stands at the head of all Ethics, and whose Metaphysics stand at the head of all Metaphysics.

The first and the second to last of these works are considered to be the most important works by John Locke by most. You will gain an insight into understanding and interpretation theories by sensations and a "perfect knowledge" or instinct. There are other great works by David Hume but the three above are typically considered his most significant. David Hume and John Locke go hand-in-hand with one another. So much reading, let's add another.

How To Become A Modern Guru How To Become A Modern Guru
How To Become A Modern Guru How To Become A Modern Guru
How To Become A Modern Guru How To Become A Modern Guru
How To Become A Modern Guru How To Become A Modern Guru
How To Become A Modern Guru How To Become A Modern Guru
How To Become A Modern Guru How To Become A Modern Guru
How To Become A Modern Guru How To Become A Modern Guru
How To Become A Modern Guru How To Become A Modern Guru

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