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Past Mistakes Don’t End God’s Call on Your Life


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The Restoration: God's Precious Promise for the Future ~ Reformed Theological Seminary

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Subscribe to Email List. The Lord taught His people that the present calamity was insignificant compared with the Day of the Lord, when the great King will bring judgment on all humanity cf.

God’s Plan for the Future

Who is not afraid of this day? No one can escape His consuming fire except for those who have found protection in God:.

The Right Context

Joel called on his contemporaries for a wholehearted loyalty to the Lord Tragedy and disappointment are divinely ordained instruments of reevaluation and self-assessment. Through them the Lord renews the invitation to trust in Him for everything. Joel is a representative of the prophets, our Lord, and the apostles, who call us to greater devotion in light of the future.

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For the prophets, as for our Lord, the teaching on salvation is directly related to the doctrine of the future. To put it more sharply, there is no biblical salvation, justification, or sanctification unless these doctrines are viewed in relation to the fullness of salvation: the victory, glory, and holiness of the New Creation.

The doctrine of the future is important for every Christian. Through the prophetic word we receive glimpses of the great future God has prepared for us in Jesus Christ. The New Age will initiate the full enjoyment of salvation by all believers, Jew and Gentile alike. Vitally important to this era are the judgment on evil, the subjugation of all nations and kingdoms, and the defeat of Satan and his hosts.

My Hope is in the Future of God’s Reign

Judgment will fall on all who have rebelled against God. In His wrath, God will quash opposition and bring hidden motives to light.

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But how do we cope with the reality of this world: sickness, economic disaster, relational problems, and despair? God speaks through Joel His words of comfort: the Spirit, indwelling every believer, is His token of the age to come: Then you will know that I am in Israel, that I am the Lord your God, and that there is no other; never again will my people be shamed.

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